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Episode 6: Joe DiPasquale from BitBull Capital

Joe DiPasquale from BitBull Capital discusses the benefits of crypto fund of funds, Bitcoin as a transfer of value, Ripple, and makes the outlandish claim that Craig Wright may not be Satoshi.

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Episode 5: Terry Culver and Sharran Deora from Digital Finance Group

Terry Culver and Sharran Deora from Digital Finance Group, a diversified crypto investor with $1 billion in assets, discuss investing in Asian markets and engage in the Ethereum vs. Ethereum Classic debate.

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Episode 4: Matthew Le Merle from Keiretsu Capital and Fifth Era

Matthew Le Merle of Keiretsu Capital discusses the Fifth Era and what it means for decentralization, blockchain fund of fund strategies, and how angel investors provide startups with much more than just financial capital.

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Episode 3: Jake Ryan from Tradecraft Capital

Jake Ryan, Founder of Tradecraft Capital, talks economic cycles, valuing digital assets, and on-chain governance.

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Episode 2: Christian Kameir from Sustany Capital

Christian Kameir, Managing Partner of Sustany Capital, discusses his definition of blockchain, the future for non-fungible tokens, and regulation.

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Episode 1: Jeremy Gardner from Ausum Ventures

Jeremy Gardner, co-founder of Ausum Ventures, talks investing for social good, founding Crypto Castle, and avocado toast.

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Behind The Mic

Josh Gnaizda

Show Host

Josh Gnaizda is Founder and CEO of Crypto Fund Research, a leader in analysis and market intelligence on crypto and digital asset investment funds. Prior to forming Crypto Fund Research, he served as CEO of The Blue Heron Group LLC, an alternative investment research firm located in San Francisco, CA. Josh has B.S. in Managerial Economics from The University of California, Davis.

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